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In the B2B world, customer loyalty is paramount to success. Building up a solid base of loyal customers means return business year after year from people who will also, in turn, recommend your products or services to their networks. One of the best ways to attract new customers and encourage them to stay with you is to reward them with a tailored b2b loyalty rewards system.

B2B loyalty software has come a long way in recent time and is now easier than ever to implement and manage, available online on all computers like desktops and laptops. Acclaim Rewards can help you every step of the way, from initial set up, to customer registrations, creating your rewards catalogue and ongoing support for both you and your customers.

With Acclaim Rewards, you can foster greater B2B brand loyalty and drive sales through easy, affordable promotions and incentives. We have worked with countless companies throughout Australia and New Zealand, so no matter where you are – we are on your side.

“Acclaim Rewards offers a reliable, trustworthy and simple way to manage customer retention strategies for any sized business.”

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Engage and motivate your most important people in your business with Acclaim Rewards. The easiest to manage and most cost-effective points based Rewards & Recognition platform in Australia to drive your staff program.

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B2B Loyalty Schemes

B2B loyalty schemes are essentially the same idea as traditional B2C incentives, such as chain-store rewards cards or your local coffee card. There are several ways to implement a rewards scheme, starting with the customer action you are looking to promote. Examples include reviews, referrals, purchases or bookings, depending on the nature of your business.

Tiered or points systems are popular with b2b loyalty schemes as they can begin with simple, low-cost incentives but move through to more elaborate rewards as loyalty grows. The more a customer works with you, the more you offer them in return. Alternatively, offering immediate discounts for customers who sign up to your loyalty scheme encourages them to choose you over your competitors and satisfies that desire for instant gratification.

Strategic partnerships with co-dependent or similar organisations can be fantastic additions to a B2B loyalty scheme, allowing you to offer a complete package (a ‘one stop shop’) for your customer needs so they are more likely to be satisfied with your service, recommend you to others and return to you in the future.

“Acclaim Rewards is an easy-to-use system that will have you ready to move forward within 24 hours of program list completion.”

B2B Loyalty Rewards

In order to incentivise products and services for your tailored B2B loyalty rewards, it is important to first understand the buying patterns of customers and from there work out relevant points allocation or feasible discounts. Are cash incentives the most appropriate way to drive sales and engagement? Or is your target group more drawn to tangible objects they can choose from a catalogue? Whichever you choose, have a clear brand loyalty definition and work your rewards program around the facet of your business that is most important.

For some businesses, reaching sales targets or the latest KPIs is key. For others, its brand recognition and the accomplishment that comes with a growing loyal customer base. Through the Acclaim Rewards system, you control how points are awarded and redeemed, giving you the flexibility to ensure your loyalty rewards really work.

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Once participants have redeemed their points, the fulfilment is managed for you, eliminating the worry about sourcing and delivering rewards.You will also have full access to reports outlining participant engagement and rewards spend, so you can better manager future initiatives.

“Acclaim Rewards is experienced, credible and reliable. We offer a full-service turnkey solution to your B2B rewards and recognition program so you can stay focused on your business needs.”

Turnkey B2B Rewards & Recognition Management System

B2B Incentive Software

Acclaim Rewards’ incentive software is easy to implement, manage and maintain for any business, from small holdings to those of national or international reach. The software ensures full accessibility for both managers and customers to utilise throughout the working day, with everything you need in an incentive program in one place. We offer a no-risk trial so you can test the program in your own time and fully understand the benefits it can offer. We have become one of the top b2b loyalty programs in the country and are proud to offer our service to help grow your business into the future.

B2B incentive programs through Acclaim Rewards make hitting sales targets, meeting KPIs, building a return customer base and running promotions easy and affordable. To learn more about how we can assist your business, contact our friendly team https://www.acclaimrewards.co.nz/contact-us/