Acclaim Rewards

Program Managers

Managing a rewards and recognition program without the right tools and support can a be difficult and time consuming task.

Acclaim Rewards provides you with a cost effective program management solution where you remain in control of your program.  You gain access to hundreds of reward items, with national door to door delivery.

Online catalogue and ease of logistics

From Apple to Xbox, the Acclaim Rewards online catalogue gives you access to 100s of rewards items.  Also available are Prepaid Visa and store gift cards to cover all participant demographics.  There are no hidden costs.  Included is national coverage and door to door delivery.

Budget management, fraud and risk minimisation

By using a points mechanism, managing your budget is easy.  Keep track of how much you have rewarded and to whom.  Additionally, protect yourself and your program by removing any losses or potential for fraud, as all rewards items are sent direct to participants giving you a full redemption audit trail.

You remain in control

Once you are set up, we provide you support of your program.  Using the Acclaim team to load points, upload your program participants into the portal. We can offer support for participant queries, our main aim with Acclaim is to give you access to a reward catalogue for offering staff or customer and easy and effective way to celebrate success!

Manage your ROI

Using our Acclaim Rewards platform will give you a reporting mechanism to fully understand the investment you have made by each participant.

Take control of your rewards

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